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Are you involved in Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Niche Marketing or E-Mail Marketing of any type? Or are you considering an online business, or bringing your offline business onto the web? If you've done your research into how most successful internet marketers got that way, you know they all recite the same mantra:  The Money is in Your LIST! AND Get Traffic or Die!

It's a very simple concept really - you need hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of people reading your message and viewing your website. Depending on various factors, a certain percentage will click through. The bigger the numbers, the more sales and the greater your profits. Whether you convert .001% or 17% of your readers, the more traffic to your site, the more names on your list, the more sales in your pocket and the bigger your profits!

There are two ways you can keep growing traffic to your offer, your opt-in mailing list, and building traffic to your website. You should be promoting both non-stop. The most important list-building is what you do through your own sites, using opt-in forms and pop-ups on various pages. The secondary attack can build your lists faster - much faster. List-building services and traffic exchanges can build your own in-house list or offer mailings to a remote list by providing a mailer you can use to contact an ever-growing number of people - those in your downline at that site. The larger your downline in each list building tool or traffic exchange the greater number of views and mailings for your offer.

Use Viral Opt-In List and Traffic Building!

If you add 30 new people to your in-house list today, you have thirty more potential clients. Tomorrow, you're out getting more... With list-building services, your efforts are multiplied - virally! Those same 30 people can be added today - then tomorrow you're out building your lists again - but so are the 30 people you signed up today! You see, because they are in your downline, so are any people they bring in. And the people under them as well! The same is true of Traffic Exchanges.

Not everyone under you will promote the service - it's just human nature that many are lazy and won't do a thing after they sign up. But those who do will be building their lists, their traffic - and yours - on an ongoing basis! Can you afford NOT to be using these services?

Free or Paid - It's Your Choice!

All of the following services are free to use - be sure you do! They also offer a paid upgrade, providing you with random referrals and the ability to e-mail your downline. If your budget can comfortably allow it, go for the upgrades - you'll get to the bigger numbers quicker. If money's tight, start with the free service, host this page, and promote it heavily. As your lists start providing you with greater profits, re-invest some of it by upgrading then. But either way,

THERE'S SOMETHING SPECIAL ABOUT THE PROGRAMS ON THIS PAGE. Only programs that offer real email addresses and only traffic exchanges that offer random referrals to pro-members are included. There are thousands of traffic exchanges on the internet, most leave it up to you to build your downline, pro-membership in anyone of these will provide you with company referred members to build your downline and YOUR traffic!

Start by signing up for these...

If you're already a member, just fill in your Account ID in the box beside each link. Otherwise, use the link to open the site in a new window, complete the signup, and then enter your membership ID into the box. Close that window and move on to the next link... Don't skip any or stop short - you'll need them all when you're setting up YOUR COPY of this page! 

Site One - Triple Your List:
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Site Two - HitPulse:
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Site Three - I Love Hits:
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Site Four - MaxTrafficPro:
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Site Five - TS25:
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Site Six - WirlwindTraffic:
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Site Seven - Dragon Surf:
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And... Promote, Promote, Promote!

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Everything here you can do for free. I am a Pro Member in everything I promote because I wanted to see how they worked when developing this site. This site is designed to help you. Feel free to edit it in any way you want. Also call me or email me if you need help. You'll see from the download page there are two downloads; lists, and lists2. I promote lists to the programs in lists2, and I promote lists2 to the programs in lists, Every once in awhile I'll change it up. Obviously this takes more time to set-up and more time to surf but I find myself in list building hyper drive! This is the original list builder that built a list over 1,000 using just the "lists.html" so it's up to you, promote one or promote both. I put 50% of my TE credits into the list pages and 50% into my opt-in page that promotes the TE and List Builders through a series of auto-responders and free gifts. Opting in to my list will keep you abreast of updates to this system and provide a growing resource of high quality free gifts for your subscribers and customers. If you haven't already; Please consider opting in at: iPhoneDomain